Customizable Preferred Advertising:

*The Preferred Display tent is a great conversation starter for your customers and a gentle reminder for your associates to mention the Preferred warranty in their sales presentation.

As a Preferred Retailer you have the opportunity to create Magazine Ads, Billboards, In-Store Video Promo loops and more to show your customers what it means to them that you are Preferred. Either choose from our stock campaigns or have the option to have something customized with your logo and retail store information at a minimal cost.


Check out some of the examples below...


For more information contact Preferred Headquarters at 888-998-8874

Here are some of our latest creations for Preferred retailers...

Large artwork created for Thollot that was framed and

placed right by their front door windows.


Cute 30 sec Ad we customized for

New England Gold and Silver in Rhode Island!

Artwork designed for Brian Michael's large Duratran inside their store!


Artwork designed for Sam's Fine Jewelry's large LED light board inside their newly renovated store!

Sam's LED.jpg

This was designed for a huge outdoor Billboard for Johnson Jewelers!


Our NEWEST version of the Preferred Warranty Chart... folds perfectly in half to sit on your display cases or where ever you might need a reminder for you or your guests on exactly what the warranty covers... FREE just give us a call and we will send them to you! 888-998-8874

Front ... 8.5" wide (when folded) x 6.75"

NEW 2018 Preferred Counter Cards re-designed for Miner's North

A great counter card for your shopping customers to take with them. It let's them know more about the FREE Preferred Lifetime Nationwide Warranty along with all of your contact information.
Dimensions: 4" x 10"
Minimal Set Up and Customization Fee

NEW Preferred Promo reel for inside J Albert Johnson Jewelers.. you could also post these on your social media pages! This works great with or without sound...

We helped Sach's Jeweler's add info about Preferred on their 2017 Christmas mailer...

We customized the artwork for these super cool Preferred T Shirts for Brian Michael's ... Front and Back ... he prints and gives these to the ladies!

Below is a Newspaper add we did for new members Valentine's Jewelry...

A huge standing banner for Seema of Sam's Fine Jewelry...

Here we customized one of the kathy ireland® 15 sec promos for

Jackson Diamond Jewelers

and a 60 sec one ...

Web Banners sized for your home page on your website... FREE for you to use on your website!

These come is a variety of sizes. Let us know what size you need.

Screen Banner Sized 1920 x 600 

Screen Banner sized 930 x 480 for MJ Christensen in Las Vegas

Large Inside Store Banner for Skatell's Jewelers in North Carolina...

Radio Ads for Jim Kryshak Jewelers and Denney Jewelers

A discounted fee to cover studio time, to have these customized for your store:

These are 2 huge banners we did for Capri Jewelers in Arizona.

They had it hanging over their front door of their store!

Below are a few examples of some graphics we did for

Siebke Hoyt's Digital Billboard outside their store

Our most recent ad seen in Southern Jewelry News...

Dream by Thimke Jewelers Preferred Promo In-Store Video Loop

Denney Jewelers Preferred Promo In-Store Video Loop


Magazine Ad from Alter's Gem Jewelry Magazine - 1st Issue

For more information please call Preferred Headquarters at 888.998.8874