After a terrific launch of the Phantom 105 in Las Vegas, close to 40 Preferred Retailers have become Authorized Phantom Dealers. The great news is that the product is selling, as you will read in these comments.

In fact, John Poole has sold $100,000 in 6 weeks.


“Over the years I have seen many specialty cut round brilliants, but they always seemed 2 dimensional to me. The Phantom 105 is one of the first that I have seen where the depth of the sparkle draws you in, and then the fire blows you away. I also enjoy it when customers have come in and said that they were quoted such and such and I was able to say that, “Yes, I can match that price with the same size diamond, but I hope that you will find that ours sparkles better than the one you saw.” The response has been fantastic with customers. When we are matching the prices of our competition we are now able to make healthier margins because of the great prices we are able to buy from The Phantom Luxury Group.”


--John Poole

Vice President

Hudson-Poole Jewelers


“The Phantom 105 enables our associates to offer our guests a diamond of the highest quality standards at an unbeatable price. We have rarely been this excited about a product. The Phantom exemplifies the evolution of the diamond and helps distance ourselves from commodity selling……and to be able to source this incredible jewel from the most vertically integrated company assures us best in class pricing.”


--Mark Motes


Smyth Jewelers/ Maryland


“What I love about this diamond, is that it is incomparable. It has magic and brilliance, purely stunning. A lot of diamond, for not a lot of money. Best of all, it is exclusive to Preferred. We are really excited about this selling opportunity.”


--Brian Alter


Alter’s Gem Jewelry


... Coming later this year ... The Phantom Seduction Collection ...

This is a patented setting process featuring a Phantom 105 center with G/H VS Melee which gives the total weight appearance of three times the actual total weight. We have seen prototypes and they look fantastic!