Why Become A Preferred Jewelers International™ Retailer?


... TRUST ...

“As an elite member of the Preferred Network, you’ll be treated as if you were a

270 store chain and receive all of those high-volume group discounts. “

Joe Murphy COO of CBG and Preferred Jewelers International™




  • Consumer Financing with Preferred Rates through Synchrony Financial. Normally a single store with low volume would pay the most expensive rates. When you are a Preferred retailer, you are part of a high-volume nationwide group and therefore you get to enjoy volume rates. These are Synchrony’s 4th tier rates, which are the lowest rates offered to any jeweler. We have had several retailers switch to Synchrony because the savings would pay a good portion of their membership. Many retailers have switched from Wells Fargo, because Synchrony offers Fraud Protection and they do not sell the customers info.

  • Jewelry Insurance Program with Preferred Rates with GemShield. Many retailers will gift the first year of coverage to their customer at a 20% discount for the first year. If the consumer is paying, they will receive a 10% discount off the first year as a Preferred customer.



  • Special Credit Card Transaction rates from cardOne. No more than .10 over the Interchange rate. cardOne guarantees to lower your CC transaction rates. Approval in 24 hours.

  • Collect and Manage Online Reviews from One Centralized Platform with Podium. Podium offers Preferred Retailers 25% off packages that are customized for each retailer. This is the deepest discount offered to anyone.


  • Automatic email notifications sent to your customers 30 days and again 14 days before their due date to remind them to have their items inspected and maintained to keep their Preferred Warranty valid. Access to the Preferred consumer site to look up their warranties and find a new retailer is also available if they should be moving or traveling to another city or state.



  • Search Engine Optimization – 25 key phrases normally valued at $500.- $1500. per month.


  • Social Media Optimization / Social Media Campaigns – Included with your membership, at no additional cost, you will be sent bi-monthly posts with all photos and content for posting on your SM pages through Bottomline Marketing. From our online resources we found that you can expect to pay anywhere from $850 per month to $2,750 per month for social media campaigns and services.


  • Gift of 1-Year Membership with Southern Jewelers Guild Public Relations Program. Once you are a member, a press release will be sent out through SJG to announce your acceptance and status as a Preferred retailer in your area as well as information about you and your store.


  • 24/7 Access to Preferred Video Tutorials for your Sales Associates and Managers. You know what they say about training… it’s a continuous thing that needs to be done often! These are interesting and informative 15 to 20 min colorful and engaging videos that will touch on just about every situation you may encounter on the sales floor and so much more.


  • Year-Round Networking with fellow Preferred Retailers as well as special access to our private Preferred Facebook Group page for updates, new events, special promotions and a safe and private way to share your expertise and ask questions with other Preferred retailers and our Preferred Partners.


  • Customer Relations and Care as well as ongoing Preferred Training for you and your team with the Preferred Concierge. Preferred Headquarters will now also be a part of your team and an extension of your store and your Preferred customer service. We have our knowledgeable staff at the ready to help you with the Preferred program, training new associates, problem solving, customer service and so much more.


  • Use of True Romance, Isaac Gad, as your Preferred Repair Facility. In the cases where you choose to not handle a repair in-house, True Romance will handle a repair at no charge, as long as the item is under warranty and the repair falls into the perimeters of what is covered. Retailer is only responsible for shipping one way and then Preferred and True Romance will cover all other repair costs and return shipping.

  • Special Preferred pricing on office supplies from Staples Advantage. Through our Strategic Account Leader, you will receive a number of benefits depending on the volume of your purchase. Free shipping on anything over $50. or more.

Preferred Jewelers unique elements

that build confidence for consumers and retailers alike:

The Nationwide Lifetime Preferred Warranty Program assures your customers that you are part of an ever growing and expanding nationwide network. It lets them know that whether they are local or moving or buying a gift for someone in another city or state, they will find a Preferred Jeweler in his or her new community. A jeweler that fully guarantees the materials and workmanship of their jewelry as long as it is registered, inspected and serviced at a Preferred Jeweler every six months.

The Preferred Warranty program is included with the consumers purchase at no additional cost, covering mounting and diamonds up to .20ctw. The Preferred program allows you to choose to either repair on premises or send to your Preferred Warranty Facilitator, True Romance.


No matter what manufacturer or retailer, our Preferred Facilitator has agreed to take on all repairs free-of-charge. The only cost incurred by a Preferred retailer would be for shipping to True Romance. True Romance will then cover all repairs and return shipping costs.

Magazine ads, billboards, radio, instore video loops and more, customized with your logo for a nominal fee.

Preferred Jewelers International™ currently has eighteen,10 to 20 minute video tutorials in the two categories of Preferred Power Selling and Preferred Power Management. Now you have 24/7 access to a comprehensive training program for your team at your fingertips!


The training component of Preferred Jewelers is a consistent means of delivering management and sales skills to all associates within the company.


Included in your membership, new Preferred Members will receive 25 warranty brochures per store, for up to 5 stores, as well as signage for your doors and windows with additional quantities available upon reorder.

Re-Ordering Warranty BROCHURES

Preferred Jewelers International™ Warranty Brochure complete with card, envelope and shipping, in the USA:

·     25 BROCHURES -  $  60.00 = $2.40 ea.

·     50 BROCHURES -  $100.00 = $2.00 ea.

·   100 BROCHURES -  $195.00 = $1.95 ea.              

·   250 BROCHURES -  $475.00 = $1.86 ea.

·   500 BROCHURES -  $885.00 = $1.77 ea.

Placement of the Preferred Logo on members websites using Preferred's optimized SEO and SMO

is an instrumental tool in driving traffic

and consumers to your website and store utilizing the entire Nationwide Network for ultimate reach.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

We provide a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization marketing solution for your business, addressing the mandatory need for a more visible presence and profitable future online. Your Preferred annual membership includes a total of 25 key phrases, which you can choose yourself or we can choose for you.

SMO (Social Media Optimization):

Each member will receive Social Media Optimization that will be conducted through the Preferred Jewelers website, utilizing all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and more. Our goal is to create a social awareness of the Preferred Jewelers Community.

Preferred Jeweler’s International believes in the independent jeweler.

We are ready to help you in any way we can.