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Moving forward we will create a private online, individual file for each REP to document and update your Preferred Prospects.

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The Preferred Office is offering $300.00 for each of the first 

9 New Retail Members that you recruit and then joins the Preferred Network.

You will receive $1000.00 for every 10th New Retailer

you recruit and then joins the Preferred Network.


1 through 9 Retailers @ $300.00 each
10th Retailer = $1000.00
11 through 19 Retailers @ $300.00 each
20th Retailer = $1000.00
and so on...

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Authorized Preferred Retailers and Prospective Map...


The Red Markers below show our current Preferred Retailers and

The Blue Markers show Prospective Retailers.

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Preferred Headquarters